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History of Chocolate

«I drink chocolate - I exist!»

The first people which have learnt chocolate, were Olmecs , Maya  and the Aztecs at various times living approximately in the same territory of Central America. The cocoa tree - very whimsical, it grows in areas not further 20 degrees from equator and does not transfer temperature more low +16°С. Its three versions are Most extended: criollo  (yields fruits with the richest taste), forestero and triniterio.

Secret of taste of chocolate - in a correct blend of all three grades, and in it were engaged already ancient Olmecs. They have created the first foamy, properly shaken up drink kakawa. Their business have continued Maya - they, as well as Olmecs, most of all in hot chocolate appreciated the foam generously flavoured chili  and spices, and have thought up the name - chocoatl in which «choco» designated foam, and «atl» - water.

Aztecs have finished a legend. It seems, in their arsenal even there was a statement: «I drink chocolate, and my heart rejoices». Seriously studying a question, they have come to a conclusion that the drink rejuvenate a body, clarifies mind and raises a potentiality - the last the example actively was proved by emperor Montesuma. According to its tastes, chocoatl modified: under the firm recipe of Montesumy it was necessary to pound fried beans with dairy grains of corn, to fill with honey, juice of an agave and vanilla. (Halfway towards to revolution - to addition in cocoa of sugar instead of chili that happens in the middle of XVI century, is passed. Also a step forward in culture of drink of chocolate - to chocoatl Montesume submitted easy crackling cookies from a flour, eggs and sugar.)

Who knows, about what years could live Montesuma, but he has been killed by the risen Indians for the offer to surrender to conquistadors in 1520. And shortly before it the leader has had time to brag of the «chocoatl» to conqueror Cortes, and it has turned a history course. The Spaniard has brought the recipe and the first cocoa-beans to Europe after what them have begun to deliver from America whole gals .

Magic of taste

In preparation of hot chocolate from ancient as legends of Aztecs, components are any magic. In how prevent a cinnamon stick hot milk as throw in a chocolate funnel a pinch of the Jamaican pepper, a carnation and grated ginger as some drops of "amusing" rum as shake up a nimbus over a water bath drip in a smoking dense drink, transforming into foam, chocolate and cream...

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